About Tomb Raider Passion

Tomb Raider Passion is an official Tomb Raider and Lara Croft fansite for Bulgaria. The site is running since 2008 under different names and domains. It has finally been settled on its' name - Tomb Raider Passion. The idea behind the name is simple! The Tomb Raider community is held by a strong passion for the franchise and it has an 20 year long history! Because of our passion, the series has continued and even recently we've started shaping it as what we remember it to be! Ever since my first meeting with Lara I have felt a strong love for the series!

I am the administartor of Tomb Raider Passion. My name is Jacky. My first encounter with Tomb Raider was at the age of 7 when I first played Tomb Raider III. I immediately fell in love with the game. The fact that it was a female protagonist combined with my interest in history and learning - it was everything in one place! Ever since then I have been following the evolution of the games and the community!

Our second administrator goes by the nickname Byakko! He is a new fan to the franchise, that has been affected by Lara's adventures! He is bringing a fresh new view on the series and franchise.

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